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Get Invovled Early

In an emergency, only trained volunteers who are already members of an organisation are called to hand.   Some services respond during an emergency to protect people and property, while others need trained volunteers to assist in relief centres and support services.

Get invovled with an Emergency Services organisation and gain the experience, training and essential skills required.

State laws require emergency assistance volunteers to be registered to protect the safety and security of the people and property affected by an emergency event. Laws also ensure that those providing assistance are qualified to do so and covered by public liability.


Donations and fundraising

If you are not already involved in a local volunteer organisation, making a cash donation to an official appeal or to a registered charity is the best way to help out.  Cash donation is the most useful donation because it provides flexibility and choice to meet immediate needs. It also circulates in the affected community, stimulating faster recovery for the local economy.

The logistics of accepting and storing donations of goods can be extremely difficult for already-stretched organisations.

In Gippsland it is preferred that people give monetary donations to the Gippsland Emergency Relief Fund (GERF).  


Other ways to help

  • Do not travel to affected areas - it may still be unsafe for you to do so.
  • Do not call the local council - they are busy coordinating immediate relief for their community.

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